just a demo so far idkdkdkdkdidkdkdidkdkidkdidkdikdidkid sorry about that idk what to say its just the first demo hope you enjoy its not really the best im new to hammer but please be nice and just tell me if i need to improve more and ill try my best

demo abt
CubesProduction Author

sorry if you cant play it im trying to fix it oh yeah if it works the way to do it is to go on program files steam steam apps source mods then drag the folder into the sourcemods restart steam and it should show up i used source sdk so i dont know how to make the menu so enable console and for the maps they are abt_01 abt_02 abt_03 and thats it so far hope you enjoy it and if it wont work tell me and ill try to fix it bye :)

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