FINALLY, part 2 of the repack for the mod Dead Air: Revolution, just extract this file in the same place you extracted part 2 and run the setup.

Dead Air Revolution Patch 3 Repack Part 2
Wizard2 Author

Sorry for the delay, tried to upload it 3 times and it got stuck at 100%, had to relog, enjoy!

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Thanks author.
If you need English, please change language=rus to language=eng gamedata/configs/localization

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so what does it do other than adding quests and balancing? would u mind writing it in detail in summary etc. it is quite big so idk what to expect

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Wizard2 Author

You can read info on the translation description and pdf, but i'll copy it here in cases someone wants to read it too

Changes compared with Dead Air 0.98b
Added mod manager and over 60 addons to decide
About 500 new quests and dialogues have been added
Added new sections to the PDA that you must read
You need to get transitions from NPC's to explore the zone
Work for different groups and get unique rewards
Improve items with crafting
New quests After the Miracle Machine.
Abilities of artifacts have been significantly improved
The ability of barter has been added to some traders and technicians
The crafting has been extended
Equipment perks were removed and skills have been added
Technician's repair prices have been increased
Important NPC's are very resistant to damage
Added damage issues to guns that had no issues
Minor text edits
Patch 2
Various Kits and tools added
Ability to “cook” artifacts added
Added SSP and SEVA suits leveling (Kruglov, Tukarev)
Added Nosorog leveling (Nitro)
Transitions can be purchased with Snitch for High prices
Stashes object variety has been incremented
Patch 3
Added quests for the Mercenaries
Added over 60 addons
Added Some QoL addons to base mod (radiation output, recharge by dropping ammo to gun, etc)
Equipment Readded
Deleted some toolkits
Added NPC's for the deleted toolkits
Gonta and Trapper can upgrade skins
Basic Skins were nerfed
Remade some icons

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