Hello everyone, and welcome to de_Wacky "In a creepy dark surreal town of "wherever", a bunch of people with different ideas have come into conflict. Who will win and who will loose is unknown, because can u win in this kind of place, where nothing is certain or understandable?" For anyone who want's to figure the map out, here is the point of it: We all start the same, it is the paths we take that make us what we are, which ones we choose are entirely our choice, unless we give up. Lounge - Plesure, Joy Exit - (dystopia part) - Pain, Suffering, Giving up Theatre - Art, Creativity Pavilion - Action, War, Rebel Non of these are right or wrong, good/evil , it is just how we interpret them. Imagine 2 planets/worlds, one evil and the other one good. And now imagine if they could see each other. The Evil world would see the Good one as Evil, and the same goes for the Good world, it would see the Evil one as Evil. This is somewhat a philosophy of life.


It's better to add any CS map here:

The Downloads section is intended for adding of official CS releases (new versions of the mod, official patches etc.).

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Naitsirk Author

Oh, sry, didn't know that, Ill do it as soon as I get home from work. Thx for the info.

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