The Beta version of Darkness Eternal: Jake's Tale for Beta-testers or people who just can't wait any longer to play the game.

Darkness Eternal: Jake's Tale BETA

OK! Let's try this game!

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So... let's see... stuff I'd like to point out:

On the first time you get to the castle, if you go through the door on the top left and leave, you will not go to the same map;
On the village you should make the houses with a little more... roof? I don't know, I forgot the word... but what I mean is that the houses look like they are just a wall;
I like the bank thing, although if you don't lose money by doing certain things, I don't see the use for the bank;
The quest update thing is also nice, although it repeated sometimes;
There is a dungeon that teleports you into a wall;
No wait actually there are 2, this one has chest though;
The little girl was funny has hell:D ;
When I exited a dungeon I got stuck on the "you already visited this dungeon" thing, make sure to teleport the character one square from the actual teleport.

I stopped here, but I liked the game. I liked some dialogues... the little girl, man, the little girl... XD

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KillerCookiezz Author

Haha alright thanks for the feedback, I'll go fix them now :)

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