Cutthroat is a local multiplayer stealth party game that is fun and competitive for everyone regardless of skill level! *Gamepad Recommended

Cutthroat Mac v 0.341

Hey, thanks for reuploading it so I could play. It's a cool game. I could feel some influence from AC multiplayer.

I like how complete this game is. The music, the menus, the art is all well done and feels it's all at the same level.

I played this game single player, so obviously it is different than the intended experience. However, I still enjoyed missions 1 and 2 they were fun. Mission 2 was a little challenging. Mission 3 is hard, it is purely random chance a lot of times. I played that level 20 times, and there were a few that I had control over and just didn't do well, but most of the time, after I pressed start I couldn't move for a second and the mage would get killed before I could. Makes it not fun =[.

Thanks for the playtest!

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Ocumens Author

Thanks for playing! Also the missions are going to be rebalanced and there will be some new ones. Mission 2's hard mode is there for the masochists - it's going to be rebalanced in the fture but right now it's the gate keeper.

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