Tired of your countries in Victoria 2 always being the same color? This mod changes the colors of every single country. Confuse your friends! Annoy your enemies! Or is it the other way around... This mod is a .zip file of the common/countries/ directory, nominally intended for the HPM mod. To install, find the Victoria 2/mod/HPM/common/countries folder, move it somewhere safe, and unzip the zip file in its place. Compatibility with other mods is not guaranteed whatsoever. If you want to change any of these colors (or the original colors) yourself, at the top of each country file there is a color = { XYZ XYZ XYZ } field. Each XYZ is a number ranging from 0 to 255 to form an RGB color code. Examples: 0 0 0 is pure black, 255 255 255 is pure white, 255 0 0 is pure red, and so on.

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