Continuum. A Cryengine 3 MOD SDK Modification. Sci Fi FPS WIP (Discontinued On CE2 - Now known as Continuum Tesseract. This new download is the Fixed beta of Continuum. Assets : Kingdan = Vehicles SamFisher45 = Weapons Xzero = Solar System Assets xanes = Continuum Poster helpsl = Usable Crysis 1 Vtol Sava = FireTruck & Policecar & Drivable Vehicles Mod Garysovan = Pepsi Machine Music = Paul Edmiston (Tiesto) Voice Actors : CellGuy1= ghostninja55 CellGuy2 = Nexon The General = Joshdis Cell Leader = (Tiesto) HazardMask Guy = Andrew Gorman Portal Room Scientist = Andrew Gorman

CalmGuy Author

Where it says "This is a new download of the fixed beta Continuum" It's just the old file but the fixed version that I never got round to uploading to modb. As stated in description this mod is discontinued for the MODSDK and the new Continuum Tesseract game thread is @ / Games section.

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