Extremely historically accurate doomwad based on the Civil War with extremely realistic weapons from the time period with cumbersome reload mechanics, this pk3 is SURE to rival Vietdoom Nah just kidding, it's kind of a joke wad but no Terry traps here, fully tested and playable with 4 new maps and an alt history take on the Civil War era, this time the union and the South ended up having to unite in favor of defeating an even greater foe: the army of demons pouring out of hell of course. Hell is full, no more vacancies.

Civil Doom War

quite fun to play that. I like the the old style gun and theme. It’s worth making this into something more.

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its a fun mod. and like PSCplayer says it would really be worth it in to making something more. i like the style i like the idea. the music is funny and fits very well. i would expand this mod. its great.

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