After having been in development for three and half years, we finally feel ready to release the mod to you! Version 1.474 (Build 774), or Beta #2 is now live! In this version, tons of graphical and sound effects changes were added to give more life to the Zero Hour game world! and tons of balance tweaks and bug fixes have been implemented to ensure you a gameplay that's fun yet fluid!

C&C: U Version 1.474 (No Installer Alternate)
smacky! - - 58 comments

THANK YOU from all mac fans! An exe is ok, but this makes it a lot faster - looking forward to this for a long time!

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els236 - - 34 comments

um, i have allot of other mods and sometimes i like to use a trainer with them. this mod doesnt seem to work with the trainer i have even though every other mod i have does... any tips?

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mrs2004 - - 257 comments

Here's a tip, stop cheating.

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((;^GrimReaper^;)) - - 563 comments

does do the Skirmishconfig thing count???ya how u can get more money

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Mauser_98k_7.92mm - - 13 comments

try to use cheat engine but not in multiplayer

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wheelmandan - - 1,312 comments

this can work with origin right?

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PhanotmLb - - 6 comments

hi guys mm littel help can someone tell me where to put those files?

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rebelwarrior82 - - 6 comments

hi guys,I have a big problem; I can not exract the .art file, it warns me that this file is broken or hurt. Can someone help me about this?

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Zeke_Dlyoung Author
Zeke_Dlyoung - - 4,476 comments

Try downloading it again, files at Moddb tend to get corrupted a lot for some reason...

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eufrate - - 24 comments

i will download this version because for some reason the install file says that he cannot find the game

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avadragondl - - 12 comments

I think it said that for me too, but my installer appeared to be only 16 MB (when it should be like 170MB), so maybe all ya haveta do is re-download it. I'm doing that as we speak!

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Dragon90 - - 18 comments

This happened because the connection between you and the server was interrupted during download, resulting in the download stopping mid-way and without suspecting a thing you tried to install it anyway in its incomplete state. By interrupted, I mean you lost connection or something.

That is why it didn't work. In order for it to work properly, ensure that you have downloaded the entire file fully and try again. I've been getting this a lot lately on this sux connection (disconnects every 5mins to 1 hour). :\

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Deuce_Savage - - 2,585 comments

To "els236" - get a "Finalbig" editor tool - its easy to use - you can create your own enterainment of an apocalyspe of massive death & destruction from your horrifing dreams of insane uber armies! - game over in one minute you big bully! It takes away from the Funfactor. I use the tool to tweak & fine tune some mods.

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ogel121 - - 212 comments

Yeah I use it to to edit other mods privately for my own fun

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bamwaka - - 23 comments

I got an error message.... i crapped a brick

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r1chardevans - - 98 comments

trying ah...

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CrowV - - 224 comments

will try this instead of installer as it didnt work, said something about it not being able to find the zero hour files. If this fails then i will wait for a update as i am looking forward trying this MOD.

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Metalloid - - 373 comments

Why is this version 30Mb smaller than the installer version?

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sepheroth51able - - 19 comments

great mod thank

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Yakuzza98 - - 3 comments

Gamefront is ********! please provide me with an other mirror :(

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elirev4 - - 49 comments

This mod is in Russian.
How can I change it to English?

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Guest - - 695,124 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

bazookashand331587 - - 14 comments

I like the nuclear bombs that hit my heart.

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