This is an updated version of the Call of the Fireflies which solves a bunch of small bugs and glitches that could spoil the fun.

Call of the Fireflies - Update v2
id0 - - 98 comments

So beautiful! I was play many mods for Crysis, but almost all just a crap. And here i like playing in the Mist or Syberia, but in full 3d and with good graphics. Seriously, the magic atmosphere, you are real artist.

P.S. That's what turns cryengine is needed :)

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masonster1111 - - 10 comments

Great mod, thanks for making :D One thing i did experience that was a little out of place though was that even after you warmed up by a fire the motion blur effect from the cold was still present. I easily rectified this by saving and loading but it's still a glitch that I'd love to see fixed :) (I was running at max settings if that has anything to do with it)

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ClemCorwin Author
ClemCorwin - - 35 comments

Yeah, this is a known issue but I haven't had much time to look for a fix. People reported that running the game in 32 bits instead of 64 helped solve this though.

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warx23 - - 1 comments

So I gota say... this was really cool. Any plans to make more stuff? like ID0 says, you are a great artist. Music was awesome too. Been looking all over for something like a fantasy crysis mod, big green grass rolling hills, magic, beauty of nature, which I got a lot from Fireflies, the snowy mountains, beautiful forest, moonlighting. It was all great, just sad when I did finish it lol. Great job, keep us posted if anything else is in the works!

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