This is another huge update for all you Caesaria fans. Let's go straight to the subject. First of all, what was fixed: - Fixed sound processing while scrolling through the city; - Fixed a rare bug with mini map becoming green on some maps; - Fixed "Green Piece" crash after you tried removing some trees on selected maps; - Fixed household mood calculation; - Fixed "All Hail Windows" crash when Mac version was crashing randomly on some maps; - Fixed freezing prefects bug when they would freeze when unable to locate fire; - Fixed disappearing tooltips on Construction menu buttons; - Fixed fire spreading algorithm, now it considers surrounding objects' state; - Fixed crashing when you would try to build any big building near the border of a map; - Fixed freezing settlers bug when they would freeze near a house w/o available rooms; - Fixed inability to build an aqueduct near roads; - Fixed freezing servicemen bug when they froze if the building they had been going to service ha

CaesarIA(Build 66,Linux)
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