Hey! Here we go with another big update which mostly contains stability fixes + a couple updates of the content of the game. Let's go straight to business: - Fixed full-screen mode for resolutions bigger than Full HD; - Fixed crashing while trying to load corrupted BMP/PNG textures; - Fixed crashing while trying to load corrupted WAV files (for Linux/Mac); - Fixed mouse pointer focusing in Windowed mode (for Mac); - Fixed video modes loading for Linux; - Fixed mouse pointer movement in Construction mode when keyboard keys are pressed at the same time; - Fixed accidental double click in Demolition mode; - Fixed a lot of crashes by tuning OpenGL context creation (for Mac and Android); - Fixed full-screen anti-aliasing; - Fixed full-screen launch for Linux after getting focus; - Fixed several crashes while processing keyboard presses in different circumstances (for Lunix and Windows); - Fixed mouse pointer position resetting in full-screen mode (for Mac); - Fixed RMB click

CaesarIA (b68)
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