12th release of BioRand. More enhancements and bug fixes.

BioRand v2.0.2
AugmentedAntics - - 20 comments

For RE1, I sometimes getting an error message saying that a "file is already in use by another process" when attempting to randomize. This error message sometimes goes away and the game randomizes anyway after a few more attempts, but if it's doing that at all, it tells me something is wrong to begin with. I also get crashes when attempting to unlock a door and go inside, which in my case always seems to happen in the hallway after the shotgun trap.

I'm running the 1.01 MediaKite version, but there are others, so I'm not even sure if this is the correct one or not.

Edit: Randomizing the dialogue seems to have a heavy drawback. If the dialogue that takes place once they're in the mansion is longer than it should be, Jill/Chris will start running into the wall instead of going through the door, and the game just crashes shortly after. R410-Z0YR-Z1U80F7L1ZZ is a seed where this can happen.

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Guest - - 695,717 comments

i can run biorand V 1.3.3 but V 2.0 -2.0.2 says biorand does not have permission to write in this location. i even ran it as admin and still says it.

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phuong892 - - 31 comments

Seed: R423-0RM2-ZJZF1PZKK01
The bug with the manhole I mentioned before still not fixed.
Also in this seed as Claire B, I can't enter room 20c. Can't use debug menu to jump to it either. I believe it's the long hallway in which you can use the club key and diamond key to open 2 doors. My guess is that because I have enter the room in that hallway where you can open by using the club key to get the gear in the previous segment and triggered Mr X's appearance in that room, but I ran out and left him there in a room which is supposed to be still locked and he was supposed to have a "burst through wall" cutscene when I'm on my way out in that hallway. I believe that's the reason for the bug.

Now I'm 100% sure that the tyrant's script events caused a lot of bugs in my seed. I got around the bug room I mention above but that's not all. Room 109 also crashed, and the reason is simple: that's the hallway with crows in the original game. But in scenario B, after u use the valve to put out the fire on the helicopter Mr.X will appear and once you re-enter room 109 the door lead to rooftop will be blocked by a cutscene.
But in this rando I have to put out the fire using the valve first before I ever step foot in room 109. This location appears later on and won't be functioning normally because of said event with Mr X.
To be honest, I always question myself about this room 109. I know once I use my valve to put out a fire that room will have a big change (a part of it will get destroyed, and all enemies will be replaced by Mr.X) so I wonder if I ever enter that room AFTER putting out the fire, what would happen? Well it seems I have my answer: it results in game crash. But in previous randos for B scenario I was "lucky" when I never got into this situation, cuz I always have to go into room 109 first, and never have to get back to it once I put out the fire on the rooftop.
So in short, crash will happen in this rando if you enter rooms which are destroyed by Mr.X in script event.

And here's another bug that also exist for a long time without being fixed: enemies respawn in room 219, usually in scenario B, with Claire I believe. Cuz when you play as Leon that corridor has 0 enemies.

Anyway once again I could never finish a B scenario due to bugs. This room 109 is crucial in this seed cuz it leads directly to room 700.

One more thing: sometimes I fight 3 bosses, sometimes I only fight 2. I always set the size of segments to maximum in my runs, so actually I expect to always fight all the bosses that I'm supposed to fight for each scenario. I notice that in B run sometimes the seeds skips the first birkin boss fight.
So I hope that once I set the size of segments to maximum I would guarantee to fight all the bosses and don't skip anyone.

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