BioMod is a set of gameplay improvements and additions based on the popular Shifter mod for Deus Ex. Features such as pickpocketing, an autosave, Thief style ledge grabbing, and an achievements like challenge system are included, as well as a much easier to manage augmentation system.

BioMod beta 8
Overlai - - 14 comments

Ran into a little problem after updating beta 7 to beta 8. My jump key still works, but I can't mantle anymore. I went into the keyboard options and set jump/mantle to spacebar, but when I exit that screen, it just resets to [none] every time. If I knew what the jump/mantle command was I'd just throw that in the user.ini. Any ideas?

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Overlai - - 14 comments

Scratch that last comment, didn't realize I needed advanced athletics. ;o

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Guest - - 695,928 comments

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Benjimable - - 544 comments

This looks great.
I'm not sure if the Shifter Mod is still going but these additions are great.
My next Deus Ex Playthrough may include this mod.
Does the athletics skill improve swimming the same way as in the vanilla game, but just with extra stuff like Mantling.
What else does it cover? The possibility of a Run-Energy bar could be quite good too.

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FlatFoot - - 19 comments

THANK YOU for fixing the Synthetic Heart issue!

Is there a way that players can reverse the lack of reticles on scoped weapons, though? I just find the ability to scope up my crossbow & pistols too useful in saving inventory space.

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Clorf Author
Clorf - - 26 comments

You can mitigate it somewhat by using a laser sight. As for your problem, that's exactly my intention - to make installing scopes a strategic consideration rather than a no-brainer.

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Neferius - - 5 comments

Yeah... speaking of which.
Could you please make it so that the laser-dot doesn't jump all over the place, please.
And in my humble opinion, removing the targeting-crosshair from the scope kinda' defeats the whole purpose of installing the weapon-mod in the first place :-/

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Yos - - 5 comments

I love the mod. Mantling is a great addition to Deus Ex. My Win 7 (64 bit) goes to basic (no desktop composition) whenever the Biomod autosave activates. Is there any way to disable the autosave?
Thanks again for the mod.

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martix - - 8 comments

Playing with the mod right now.
There are a lot of improvements I can see - both general and in the aug departments.
I actually tried my luck and in the general style of the mod I made heart aug consume energy on a per-active-augmentation basis.

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airpyr8t - - 13 comments

keep gettting url error cant find class stealth bla bla bla

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