This is a mod for the pr v0.973 mod. What it does it pushes the realism even further by removing the balance and making every weapon and vehicle behave more like the real thing. Also now the look of the soldier also means how much damage can they take. Better protected soldiers take more damage to kill then less protected. But the less protected soldiers have better stamina because they cary less weight. I understand that some factions like rebels get realy weak but it brings some tactical changes into the battlefied each side will play with different tactics depending on there strongest and weakest sides. For example the rebels have large cal weapons so they will dominate in CQB because 7.62 ignores the bullet proof vest. Credits go to the Project Reality mod team because i develop on there mod.

BF2 Sub mod

Is this submod suitable for multiplayer in public servers?

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justinas91 Author

If the host and other players use this mod then yes because everyone on the server should have the submod to play.

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