NO DOWNGRADED NEEDED BUT YOU STILL LOSE MULTIPLAYER. Added load screens to some maps. Added dxun moon : mandalorian camp. Added mustafar bf2 conversion. Added felucia bf2 conversion. Added empire vs empire on the deathstar. changed vehicles in galactic civil war xl on kashyyyk beached head bf2 conversion and reduced units to 70 from 80 to hopefully fix the crash. fixed ai movement on bf2 kamino ai are no longer stuck at a certain command post. Added dagobah bf2 conversion.

bf1 expanded edition 2.2 gog and steam only

What about Naboo Encounter? Are you planning to add them in the next version or after the next version?

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wsa30h Author

i could do if it is a bf1 map

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Yes it is bf1 map.

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