This mod features: 1. New physics and car settings/handling for higher realism 2. Immersive Camera Views 3. TrackIR support 4. No Intro logo videos 5. No Engineer speech during the race 6. Realistic used tyres textures 7. Auto reset remover (free roaming) 8. HQ Settings


Hello! Thank you for your dedication to these projects...

My question is two parts... Is there any way to JUST get TrackIR 5 working w/o using the mod?

Second question: I play in ultra wide screen via nvidia 3D surround, for some reason your mod has implemented some REALLY extreme fish eye lens effect where it's basically impossible to play. I don't see this effect in any of your screenshots, & the effect is present even when i'm playing on a single monitor. Do you know what is causing this, and how to make it go away?

Thank you!

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