Finally it's here, the version 0.1.0 of the Baron Galaxy Alpha demo.

Baron Galaxy Alpha Demo 0.1.0

You really should allow generic keys such as Enter or Space to access main menu or at least include a control scheme with this game
I had to press random keys just to click something on main menu

Regardless, I had fun with this demo :D
I'll post more comments after I'm done with first boss

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implosivegames Author

Noted! Initially, there was support for enter in the main menu, but when we changed to the new input system that had a more complete controller support, we forgot to add them back

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I wish there were proper button to quit the game. Esc doesn't work and I'm forced to close this program with brute force

Anyways, even though I didn't know what killed the boss in my last playthrough, I have played enough of this demo and decided to give review on this game

1. Levels are half empty. Maybe higher difficulty setting would give more enemies but low difficulty should have more enemies, at least in non rush/wait spots
2. Enemies in rush/wait are too many. In Metal Slug series, you had to reach high levels before a rush/wait gives many enemies
3. No aiming up animation like in Contra, Metal Slug or Gunstar Heroes
4. Weapon boxes are really scarce. I understand if this were in high difficulty but it happened in low difficulty
5. Player's response is slow. In Metal Slug, I can shoot forward then immediately crouch to avoid incoming shots but in this game, I had to do it one second earlier

1. Randomized landscape + randomized enemies. Makes replaying less boring (TBH I don't think I've seen all possible landscapes yet)
2. Weapon fusion. Great addition, makes me want to try every weapon combination :D
3. Various weapons. Can't say I've found all of them
4. Funny reactions from aliens :D. Really Metal Slug like
5. Controllable difficulty. Added more value to replayability
6. New and challenging alien types i.e sniper

1. Sometimes camera don't follow player properly forcing me to move and shoot in blind while walking below camera
2. Player can't pick any weapon boxes during boss fight. I'm going to check if this persists after the boss had
finished its rocket rain attack
3. Grenades can't hurt tree bridge. Bullets can, though
4. Fallen/dead alien ship is considered as alive causing player to perform close range slashes when the former falls near player. This is really annoying if I were shooting aliens from a distance
5. Dead alien tank is considered as alive allowing player to resume bouncing while the former is in death animation and blinking

1. Fix all bugs and cons I posted above especially #4 & #5 con (having more weapons to use and choose would be fun :D)
2. I wish alien ship and alien tank would also appear outside rush/wait. Snake riders are already in so it won't hurt if they join :)
3. Show score. I'm aware that score is shown after stage is completed but it would be much better if player can see score in game
4. Add subboss fight. No need new sprites, beefed up version of alien samurai, alien ship or alien tank with different palette would suffice as a subboss ;)

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implosivegames Author

Thanks for the review!!, we will definitely will fix this features and bugs you mentioned, also, any overall score or opinion on the alpha demo?.

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I saw some imbalances such as sniper still attacking while player is in rush/wait, boss is too strong for first level/planet and weapons are hard to find
So my overall score would be 7

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