This is a recreation of James Cameron's AVATAR made in three months. It is a Singleplayer Modification for Crysis: Bioluminescence, Strange Vegetation, Legendary Mountains... the most outsanding Sci-Fi meets Cryengine 2 !!!

$n!p3r - - 415 comments

so far so good

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dragon99919 - - 192 comments

Sweet. :D Downloading now. ^^

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Sparta2020 - - 29 comments

the mod seems cool, unfortunately I don't own crysis but Imma have to buy it if stuff like this can be created.

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thib7861 Author
thib7861 - - 308 comments

I'de advise you to buy the game, honestly, it is worth it and cheap:
15€ max...
Cryengine has always been a great software for video games as it is very easy to use, and very realistic, from FX, to gameplay =D
Crysis 2 is coming soon, and will inlude the new Engine: "Cryengine 3".

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thib7861 Author
thib7861 - - 308 comments

Well the mod could work in 64 bit only if you delete GOC... In order to do that, you must delete the following stuff from the archive:
_Bin32 (folder)
_Code (folder)
_32-bit.bat (file)

Then open "Libs" in the "Game" folder, delete:
_Config (folder)
_UI (folder)

It should then work properly on 64 bit =D

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leebarguss - - 316 comments

"1. Go to your Crysis game folder -> Electronic Arts -> Crytek -> Crysis -> Mods. (if not existing please create this folder inside your Crysis root folder)

2. Copy the mod folder from the downloaded file into the current game folder (Crysis/Mods).

3. Start Crysis, use the ingame mod loader to load the mod.

4. After you restart Crysis, open console (^) type in "con_restricted 0" (without the "") enter and then type in "map mapname" (without the "" whereas mapname = the name of the map you want to load located in the mod level folder in Mods/Game/Levels folder)

NOTE:You can use this mod only with Crysis Version 1.2 and above."

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Camcidgos - - 504 comments

Thanks leeswim247

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Nikzbitz - - 1 comments

Can't really say anything about the mod other than it looks pretty, mainly as I am unsure as to whether it is working correctly.

There are Koreans absolutely everywhere when I play, sort of ruins the feel a bit...

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