Introduction Welcome to my explosion wars mod – the only mod made in 9 hours, well one of them any way. aEW is a death match game, with team play as well, though aEW is set up as a death match game. The MOD Can also be found on PC Gamer UK Issue 130's DVD Rom Weapons 1. Satchels 2. Trip mines 3. Snarks 4. Hg 5. And the RPG You also spawn with a 9mm handgun, as a back up to snark troughs that go wrong, use this gun wisely, as you may run out of clips in a rather fast time. The mod, of course is built around DaveJ open source, so I give massive credits to him for aEW version 1, though a full retexture has been done to aew_out Maps aew_lab – lab map aew_out – a map based in a packing building, with an out side dock Models aEW is well known for its massive player model assortment, and not to disappoint, there is 15 megs more of player models in this version, that is a total of about 7 more models to chose out of the 32 that aEW Boosts. Version History Version 3 – No bugs to fix....

amckerns Explosion Wars v3


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