First Release of Amazons Total War - Recalesced mod.

Amazons: Total War - Recalesced 7.0beta
ParthianShot Author

This mod uses the common Rome Total War "Show Me" script mechanism to activate the mod script.

For each time the Rome Total War/BI software is re-launched, you would need to manually activate the script for the mod to run correctly.
However, if you remain in the Rome Total War software and simply exit then entering a campaign, the script does not need to be run.

To run the "show me" script, when just entered(or re-started a campaign), after the Rome Total War is launched, press ESC key during the campaign, a pop-up menu would show, on the pop-up menu, locate the "?" icon, then click on that icon. The Campaign adviser would show, under the adviser, there is a green/black circular icon, click on that icon, then click the "X" icon right next to adviser, and then on the pop-up menu, click the "return to game" option, you are ready to play.

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ParthianShot Author

Rev7b8 has the following changes...

- Corrected Armenia Horde issue as reported by Balgeron
- Corrected property description in read-me file stating -mod:AmazonsTW- Recalesced -show_err where as it should be -mod:AmazonsTW-Recalesced -show_err
i.e. no space, as reported by Allypup
- corrected City Map problems as reported by naftykid.
- re-arranged load screen to removed redundant pictures to save memory.
- changed recruit time for advanced units to make longer to recruit certain units.
- corrected missing unit card issues for horde wagons.
- new Roman Carriage Ballista animation to use faster horses.
- corrected script issue which was auto-generated but has serious problem with quests for Libyans and Carthage.
- removed "halo" artifacts from many named character pictures.
- added real-time re-entrant quest check, not just at the beginning of the mod script.

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ParthianShot Author

Rev7b9 has incorporated Celestial Shuttle Buddy's changes on the Sarmatian faction.

The correction and changes of the mod team's newest member has made are

1. Sarmatian's Quest for the new map was accidentally disabled, so the first quest was not possible. This has been corrected.
2. AI's play of Geothe Amazons were supposed to be powerless but the part of the script was not generated by the script auto-generator. This has been corrected.
3. At the start of the campaign, Sarmatian army is made more powerful and with some power-units added. But will soon run out of money.
4. Sarmatian map has been changed and one more province has been added at the beginning of the campaign.
5. Sarmatian spy is now at more critical location.
6. Due to the new map, Sarmatian armies are re-distributed to allow the Sarmatians better concentration of their field forces.

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i have instal this mod but my pc say that i can't open it because i have no program for that, do you now what for program i can have for the mod?

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