Amazon Total War 6.0J is a mod and a tribute about ancient equestrian matriarchal societies. Because most ancient horse are only 12 hands tall (48" or 120cm), it gives women a distinct advantages as cavalry soldier. Instead being Greco-Roman oriented, the mod is about how a small but mobile force with stand-off capability can overwhelm large field forces even in the ancient battlefield.

Amazons: Total War 6.0J with Patch 2
ParthianShot Author

At the start of the game, if you saved the game and exit, there might be a warning message says " invalid tile(189,90) for Aryleia...".

The cause of this warning is because the character Aryleia is on board of an Amazon naval fleet at the very start of the game. The RTW game engine did not check if she is with the fleet but only checks her coordinate and complains that character Aryleia is standing in the water. The warning will go away as soon as the fleet lands the general and her army on shore in a move or two.

This setting (ie place a general and her army onboard of the fleet at the start of the game) makes the game playing dramatically different in that region, so there is no plan to change that.

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