Amazon Total War 6.0K is a mod and a tribute about ancient equestrian matriarchal societies. Because most ancient horses are only 12 hands tall (48" or 120cm), it gives women a distinct advantages as cavalry soldier. Instead being Greco-Roman oriented, the mod is about how a small but mobile force with stand-off capability can overwhelm large field forces even in the ancient battlefield. This mod is based on the popular Rome: Total War, but it is one of very few mods of Rome:Total War which are not Greco-Roman-centric.

Amazon Total War 6.0K plus Patch 2
ParthianShot Author

The latest 6.0K files has the "saves" folder as read only while being 7zipped.

The user needs to change the saves folder's property to turn off the read-only mode in order to save the game.

To do so, right click the saves folder under AmazonTW-reignited folder, and select "property", then click the read-only mode to turn it off.

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ParthianShot Author

If you still experiencing problem not able to save the game.

Here is trick...

When the RTW/BI software first started, and you enter into the campaign (either starting a new campaign or resume the previous campaign), the strategic adviser will show up on the screen to advise you to kick-start the Amazon Mod Script. You must first click the "X" icon right next to the advisor to close the advisor message first then press the ESC key and the "?" icon on the popup menu, then click the green icon just below the advisor's to activate the script.

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I need download it???

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