It was a long, long time ago since the last update. But I never stopped working on the Mod, I just wanted to make it perfect and did not wanting to release something unfinished. But it is still many, many work to do event I had made much progress in the past year. Well what had changed? Short answer a lot. so much I couldn't write it in this text. So I guess you have to find it out... :) but please keep in mind that there are still many unfinished things like missing texts and pictures and some balance for the new technologys and units.... ohh yes there are new technologys and units. hope you enjoy it, and if you think you want make some content about the mod like videos on youtube please send me a short massage with a link, cause i woul like to watch it.

Alternative World History Mod 0 97
ReinholdMessner - - 223 comments

giving this a try! looks promising

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