This version brings sky carriers and a tutorial, along with a number of fixes and tweaks. Changelog in the details!

Alpha 13 - Windows Installer (.exe)

Hey, nice entry, just a couple of things i have to say:

the difficulty spike is too great, in 1st mission you don't have a clear objective, the island is too well guarded, and enemies spawn all the time from both land and the carrier eventually rendering it unwinnable.

the map(wich could be introducted in the tutorial) doesn't work that well? or maybe it has a browsing function that is not clear.

the inverted x and y are not clear, they could be overlooked at first, the inverted x seems to be "inverted" too.

i realize this is an alpha version of the game, but i like it and i think it has potential, it looks nice, has a nice soundtrack and seems smooth overall, even if i couldn't get trough the first island, anyway good luck!

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