FOR SOULSTORM!!!!!!!! Hi this is my first Published mod so try to bare with me The first thing i will tell you that all races max squad cap is - 60 max support cap - 40 All sight ranges have been upgraded to be an average around 29 - 35 The best part for me is that all BODIES and Vehicles stay on the battle field after they die. The average starting weapon ranges will be 30 - 35. Also, This Mod Takes ALL squads and levels them down. ch choas Tacs - 3 cultists - 4 Havos - 3 guardsmen - 4 (increase able with upgrade) Dark eldar - 5 SM Tacs - 3 Assualt marines - 3 scouts - 2 NEW SQUAD - intitate attack team - 9 (SM race) NEW SQUAD - Conscript Battailon - 18 (IG race) Ork sluggas - 8 Eldar guardians - 5 So there are the basics i dont want to tell you more because i think you'll find it enjoyable to find out what each race in more detail there is. Also for SM and Choas tacs and scouts you need to purchase the weapon upgrade for them to wield advanced weapons. For example Heavy Bolters.

1.0 Dont Fight Alone Mod
joeman4 Author
joeman4 - - 3 comments

LOOK closly at the pic u can see a dead dreadnought a hellound and obviously a great load of guys that died defending.
remeber this mod is to make vehicles stay on the field for awhile as well as bodies. oh AND a dead land raider.

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Cucaracha - - 515 comments

I downloaded this mod, I hope to see more units added. Tyranids, ID and Deamons.

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joeman4 Author
joeman4 - - 3 comments

I am sorry guys. I did this a long time ago so it will not be updated any longer. Wether i decide to remake this remains to be seen.

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