A developer and publisher of adventure games including Wormhole City.

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Wormhole City

Wormhole City


Through faster-than-light technology, nations strive to colonize the universe while diverging factions struggle for control and freedom throughout space...

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Nov 6 2022

RT @AllenCayn: Happy #screenshotsaturday , hope you enjoy the visuals & temp music for this video. First time all 8 vehicles have… T.co

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RT @WlkWthtRhythm: Excuse me Sir or Madam... Our game 'Rule No. 2' is OUT NOW on Steam and we'd be mighty tickled if you gave it a go… T.co

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Oct 16 2022

RT @AllenCayn: Some new R2! Hope you enjoy the weapons and vibe, some of the hand switching is with timelines & vlerp. Thanks to t… T.co

Sep 25 2022

RT @AllenCayn: Happy #screenshotsaturday , tried revamping & optimizing a basic level for multiplayer. Semi-truck damages other ve… T.co

Sep 4 2022