A 2-Man team of indie devs creating their first game: PiN! PiN is a horror-themed action platformer coming to Xbox One, and then to Android and iOS.

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PiN is a action platformer with horror elements...death waits at every turn. Run, flip and dash your way through the world of PiN!

Zebefok Creator


So, we've been hard at work with PiN for quite a while now. And we've made a decision to switch the theme a little bit...

SO. Instead of horror being the core element of the game, we've decided to treat it as more of a homage. What we mean is, parts of the game still pay tribute to elements from horror games, such as TV static increasing when near fatal situations, *some* jump scares, etc.

But, the overall tone of the game will be more light-hearted. What this allows us to do, is to expand the type of music we can implement, and even add light humor.

It also gives us the opportunity to give many of the characters in Pin's world more personality; which we've been craving to do since day 1!

If you're interested in how things are changing, or the end result, keep tabs on us on our twitter page:- twitter.com/@z2team1 !

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