Wildfire Games is an independent game development team made up of volunteers from all over the world. Wildfire Games started out as the small modding team that produced "Rome at War", the largest and most popular mod for Age of Kings in 2001. Since 2003, the team has been developing a standalone RTS game, 0 A.D., from the ground up.

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--About Us--
Wildfire Games is a group dedicated to the development of collaborative projects designed and supported by enlisted volunteer members. Committed enthusiasts of the game design community donate their time and energy to contribute to the eventual goal of creating freeware video games to the public, striving to prove to themselves and others that amateur designers are capable of developing retail-quality software. Game design is our passion, and our ensemble of talented, dedicated volunteers are devoted to producing well-crafted applications for the enjoyment of our users. WFG started out as the small modding team that brought you the largest and most popular mod for Age of Kings in 2001 - Rome at War ( Wildfiregames.com ), and since 2003 has been developing a standalone game from the ground up.

--About the Game--
0 A.D. ( Wildfiregames.com ) is a new freeware real-time strategy title currently under development by Wildfire Games. The full-featured game showcases six unique classical civilizations, each ideally depicted at their peak of economic growth and military prowess. Featuring a ground-breaking new game engine custom built to suit our environment, 0 A.D. strives to give a rich and entertaining real-time gaming experience peppered with historical authenticity.

Our custom built rendering engine, Pyrogenesis, will be released open source, and the game itself will be completely data driven and 100% customizable. Custom modding will be a breeze as will scenario design with our user-friendly and richly featured “Atlas” Editor, allowing for map editing, unit and object editing, particle editing, and the introduction of a scenario design feature we call “POGs” (more on this at a later date). Modifying the game's data files will be as simple as editing easy-to-understand Java scripts and XML files. There will never be a commercial game that allows for this amount of end-user freedom and customization.

The classical-era factions in our title consist of the Hellenic States (aka The Greeks), the Roman Republic, The Celtic Tribes, the Persian Empire, the Iberian Tribes, and the Carthaginian Empire. Each of these factions will be unique; from unique technologies to unique units, special buildings, and civilisation bonuses. While our inspiration for 0 A.D. was the classic game “Age of Empires II: Age of Kings” we have not bound the game 100% to “standard” RTS gameplay. We are introducing a number of innovations and gameplay tweaks into the genre, while maintaining the depth of strategy and real-time tactical decision-making that real-time strategy gamers have come to demand in a AAA title.

-Working with Wildfire Games-
Wildfire Games is specifically seeking experienced programmers who are willing to spend time and effort learning the inner-workings of our independently developed engine Pyrogenesis. The applicant should have a strong knowledge of OpenGL, and will be responsible for extending the engine's visual effects and features.

The team has a wonderfully friendly and helpful environment, full of intelligent designers that have a passion for gaming and game design. Examples of tasks to be undertaken by the graphics programming division include decals, reflection/wave water effects, environment lighting and dynamic shadows, vertex animation, terrain blending, Fog of War / Shroud of Darkness, skyboxes, vertex/pixel shader material framework, and a particle weather system.

--Recommended Expertise--
Good C++ skills
Problem solving abilities
Strong game programming knowledge
Communication and teamwork skills
Passionate about game development.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Erik Johansson, 0 A.D. Project Leader, at feneur@wildfiregames.com.

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