Just a solo indie dev and single father with some amazingly talented friends who sometimes contribute their many art-forms to my projects. I make games purely for, and purely out of, love and passion for video games.

You may notice it feels like the gaming industry at large has not lived up to its great potential. Big companies are limited severely by risk, and so while there are many cool features AAA devs could and WOULD like to put into their games, somewhere along the line it was deemed too risky to try to create and add whatever features those may be.

Of course the end result is often still a masterful and brilliant work of art that I end up sinking 100+ hours into. However the AAA games leave me wanting, and so I take to console and code and I create the awesome features and games that I want to see.

I attempt to recapture every good part of the entire history of gaming that speaks to me. The secret to perfect game design are scattered in pieces across the ages: the tenacity and grit of old school games, the depth and gravity of new school games, and everything inbetween.

I simply wish to compile it all together.

Current Projects

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