We are a 2-man team working on getting out into the public eye and slowly but surely build a strong team that will allow us to complete our most ambitious goals. We are fans of the Sci-fi genre but will stray from it into other areas and genres if we have a solid enough idea of something to produce. We are currently developing a game called the key, which will be our introduction. We welcome the feedback and support of the players, since you're going to be the ones who in the end play our games. We are by gamers, for gamers, and we don't intend on quitting at one.

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Colin21698 Content Manager
Mar 17 2013 Anchor

Welcome everybody to the Official Unknown Softworks Forum! Your ultimate hub of communication with the team and overall a place to be friends and chill.
There are some specific rules that need to be followed around the forums, and the consequences and promotions we have available. Please read completely through and read thoroughly. We are not responsible for anything you might have missed.

First and foremost, follow IndieDB's terms of use. If it's illegal there, it's illegal here, and if we don't moderate it, someone from the site will. Just use common sense and you should be okay, to specify;

*No swearing whatsoever
*Do not flame another
*Free speech is a great ability and privilege, don't abuse it.
*Don't spam
*Don't ask for promotion, patience is a virtue
*Don't be offensive, DIVERSITY is key.

Just to summarize a few.

Our tolerance works plain and simple, you have 2 shots to be a part of the forum, after that you will be banned and blacklisted. At first offense, you will be tagged at threat level 1, and your ability to get promoted will forever be gone. At second attempt, you get threat level 2, all of your posts will be moderated. At third offense, you're gone, you will be flagged as banned, and removed from the forums. All offensive posts will be deleted, and the rest will remain. If you violate forum rules, there will be no demotion, regardless of your rank, you will be stripped and brought down to threat level 1. No exceptions, not even for forum administrators.

On the opposite end of things, follow the rules, abide by our community, be friendly, be active, catch our attention (without asking) and you might just earn yourself a promotion. Promotions work simply like this.

*Usually after a day or two, you will be promoted from new registration to member, as long as you have made some posts (no specific number) during those couple of days. Members have full access to the forums, minus access to the developer board. Do not ask for access. Can't stress it enough.

*Honor Levels 1-4. Honor levels carry more weight in their voices. We like our projects to again be a community effort, but in the event of a dispute on the forum, or if there's something going on on the forums privately that we haven't caught, Honor Levels will help get the dispute settled faster. Honor levels should also be respected, and are viable sources of information should there be a question that administrator hasn't answered yet. Abuse of powers will be an instantanious strip of title and threat identification.

*Community Moderators are highly distinguished members of the community, we trust them to uphold the forum rules, and would gladly fall to have them catch us. Community Moderators have proven themselves time and time again to earn their titles, and ideally they would be able to moderate posts, and make their own demotions, however, with the current setup, usually Cmoderators will report problems to us and we will take care of it, however, What a community moderator says, goes.

**A note to CMods of the future: If you abuse your power, all of your actions that have been deemed 'illegitimate' WILL be undone, there will be no demotion, there will be no threat level, you will be banned, no warning. Period.

*VIPs as of now don't carry too much additional privilege, but we will allow them increased access and communication with us. VIP will only be available through select purchased events, such as kickstarter backing. We reserve the right to remove VIP status if the user is causing problems or preventing a staff member from fulfilling their duties.

All around guys, don't be jerks. We respect you enough to give you added ranks when you earn them, so show us the same respect. We want this community to grow and we want you to grow with us, so please, please please, respect our rules. And we welcome you wholeheartedly to our forum.

A final note: To become a member, along with required posting, you must post 'I agree' in the replies. If you agree then delete your post upon promotion, you will be demoted back to newly registered until you retype it. After the second deletion, you will be put at threat level one and blocked from this thread.


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