Founded in 1988, TopWare Interactive has been providing successful labels and innovative ideas that breathe fresh air into the Interactive Entertainment sector for over 25 years. Among the company’s many successful brands is the esteemed Two Worlds® series, which since 2007 has provided roleplaying game entertainment at the highest level. Apart from the Two Worlds franchise, TopWare has been a guarantee for thrilling entertainment in the strategy and adventure division since 1995. With the Earth® series - 2140, 2150 and Earth 2160 - the company has succeeded in keeping up a unique science fiction universe that’s lasted for over two decades. With upcoming top-tier titles like Raven’s Cry®, Dream Pinball 3D® II, Scivelation® and Sacrilegium™ TopWare Interactive will continue delivering unique and enthralling titles for gamers worldwide. In-house development studios like Reality Pump® guarantee a high quality product with their extensive knowledge and experience.

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