You remember that successful Half-Life 1 Mod Brain Bread? well we are the NEW team for Brain Bread:Source. WE NEED GOOD STRONG MEMBERS! we are welcome to anybody with a bit of skill with developing the source engine. We are in need of : CODERS,MODELERS,MAPPERS,ECT. Please apply here and we would glady accept you into the team. Again we ask YOU MUST STAY STRONG! because we want this mod to stay active! maybe when were done Brain Bread:Source , we will be moving on to other mods that have not yet reached the Source engine. APPLY TODAY! CODERS MODELERS ANIMATERS MAPPERS.ECT WELCOME!

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So as you can see, we have taken over the BrainBread:Source Development and starting getting some work started. heres the new info and what we have got planned. We got a coder now and thats a start to the mod starting to get in action, we have posted many jobs in the jobs section of this team, as you know, me and firehawk cannot make this game by ourselves! Please spread the word that BrainBread:Source is back in action and will be starting major development somtime this week.

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You can check out our Steam Community Page and invite all your friends to that :).

Don't Forget To Check out the iron oak forums and the website as thats were all the updates will most likely be.

IronOak :

So Wish us luck, as the journey for braaiiins begins!


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