Taldren, Inc. in Costa Mesa, California, was the developer behind the Star Trek: Starfleet Command series published by Activision and Interplay. The company was founded by Erik Bethke, Sean Dumas, and Zachary Drummond as well as 6 other members of the original Starfleet Command development team at Interplay. The company conducted business from 1999 to 2003; at the conclusion of the Starfleet Command series, the company was dissolved. Sean Dumas would go to Seven Studios in Santa Monica, Zachary Drummond to Seattle, and Erik Bethke left to Seoul, Korea to form GoPets, an online 3D pets game. Taldren was working on an original IP named "Black 9" when it folded. "Black 9" was to be a multiplatform game for PC, Xbox and PS2 and was to be the break away title for Taldren.

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