We are the Rose-Boom modding team. We are currently working on "Hypovolemia" using the alien swarm SDK.

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HYP is a thirdperson action sci-fi game that takes place in the near future. Players are members of a secret special forces team that gets put into morally questionable scenarios and the operators eventually go rogue. There are several factions in HYP but there are no truly "good" guys, just shades of grey. The game is very violent but this is because it satirizes how senseless war and killing is. Our current goal is to make an enjoyable PvP multiplayer experience, after that we plan on focusing on the coop aspects of the game and making a full campaign.

We are looking for a programmer with strong C++ skill that uses Visual Studio 2010. Our game is on Source Engine so having past experience working with Source is a plus. You must be able to debug the game and network new features for multiplayer.
Using pivotal tracker will be mandatory Pivotaltracker.com

Here is a list of features we've accomplished so far:

- Gameplay modes: Co-op, Deathmatch, Team-Deathmatch and insta-gib mutator.
- Robust gameplay mode system which allows a single map file to appear different depending on the gameplay mode.
- Over 40 weapons. ( Hypovolemia-mod.net )
- Most rifles have different modes such as semi-auto, full-auto, and burst etc
- Variety for types of weapons:
Melee, Handguns, Submachine Guns, Civilian Weapons, Rifles, Shotguns ( pump, semi-auto and full-auto ), Sniper rifles, Grenade Launchers ( m79, m32, gm94, etc ), and variety of prototype weapons created from reverse engineered alien technology.
- Dynamic weapon spread ( Hypovolemia-mod.net )
- Incapacitation system, you can bleed out if teammates don't revive you with medkits and enemies must execute you to get full points.
- Full body obliteration aka gibbing ( full body as in no individual limb dismemberment, entire character gets turned in to meat chunks )
- Basic Inventory system ( no gui yet ) that allows the player to load weapons with any type of supported magazine and load magazines with any type of supported cartridge in any order they desire. The system also tracks weight for every single item you carry right down to the the individual cartridges.
- Unique cocking system that requires shotguns to be pumped.
- Robust fading system with line of sight calculations which conceal areas of the map that should not be visible.
- Lobby system with live on three that co-exists after the game starts ( you can always bring the lobby up during the game )
- Players can hipshoot or raise guns to aim and fire over height-standardized cover.
- Spawn Protection system that's spawns you away from enemies.
- Multiplier score system that acknowledges players with higher skill.
- Multi-passenger vehicles, players can shoot from the vehicles while driving.
- Dynamic bullet penetration, which allows bullets to pass through walls depending on the caliber and velocity of the bullet and the wall thickness and material. This affects tactics as obstacles will have to be constantly analyzed as cover or concealment. Bullets that exit walls bounce from the original course and travel at a reduced velocity which make it subject to air drag. This makes trying to snipe through your own cover extremely ineffective, but shooting enemies that are behind cover at distance will be more effective.
- Basic rank system ( Hypovolemia-mod.net )

If you join our team, here are the features you might end up working on:

- Adding new weapons and creating new mechanics for them.
- Add new items to the game.
- Coding a new gameplay mode
- Coding UI for money system where you can spend money at sci-fi looking mini-buildings called "Nano Assemblers"
- Improving on existing features such as gibbing effects. ( limb dismemberment )
- Adding sprinting and stamina system
- Improving on the existing inventory system
- Adding anim states for weapon models ( handguns will blow back when you fire them )

This is a mature game that requires skill to play, so if you are squeamish and enjoy very easy and casual games this project might not be for you. The game also tries to make fun of the pharmaceutical industry, so if drugs are a touchy subject for you this project might not be for you. Also note that we have already released 0.1 alpha of our game which is a mere proof of concept and doesn't represent what the final game will be like.

Official Hypovolemia Website: Hypovolemia-mod.net
Moddb Page: Moddb.com
Hyp Wiki Page: Hypovolemia-mod.net
Steam Group: Steamcommunity.com
Steam Greenlight Page: Steamcommunity.com

To Apply

If you want to join our project please email me at defragen1@yahoo.com although I prefer to talk informally on steam friends: pavle_bodi

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