Our team has been founded quite some time ago now, by Development Lead mangobyebye. We all have met eachother on Crymod.com which is a centralized place for modders of the game Crysis to meet eachother. Our current project is the Crysis total conversion modification Trails of Deception, a Star Wars total conversion modification. We all have a passion for modding games, Star Wars and the Cryengine to realize our dreams. The project that we are currently working on is the Crysis total-conversion modification Trails of Deception. It is based around the Star Wars franchise although we have our own storyline, ideas, characters and locations based in the well-known universe. The project has been in development for quite some time now, although has recently undergone the namechange to the current project name. Our team currently consists of over 15 hard working individuals, who all contribute with their own skills to our team.

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