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Report RSS Normandy SR2 in High Resolution (view original)
Normandy SR2 in High Resolution
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This is absolutely amazing looking-- It's as good as it looks in the ACTUAL games! I can't believe how beautiful this looks, and I definitely can't wait to see it in game.

The fact that you guys were able to obtain the ACTUAL models from Bioware is awesome as well, and I can't wait to see how those look also.

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Erayser Author

Thanks! When we started making Mass Effect: Reborn we approached BioWare thanks to a developer interested by our project, and we wondered in fact if they were allowing fan projects to use their models and textures. Then we were tremendously amazed that BioWare in fact decided to respond to us directly via email in which they gave us a permission document (authorization, limits of the content...) we had to respect.

Another fan project called Mass "Effect Fighters Alliance" did the same, as much as other ones. BioWare is really kind with the Mass Effect community, as they really support the projects of their fans, and... that's incredible.

That being said, one project didn't ask for permissions... This project was hosted on ModDB, called "Mass Effect at War" for "Star Wars: Empire At War" and it has been removed (one year ago) because the mod developer made it without any permission and credits. BioWare requested it.

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thats sad... and doesnt make any sense...

hey you asked. yes.

hey you didnt. no.

thats such a horrible thing for bioware to do... i wouldnt have expected them to be a group that sinks to such low levels.

and how can they have done that with out giving credit? it seems like it was pretty obvious and no need to say everything here comes from mass effect. unless they where saying they made it all them self and came up with the ideas themselfs then the whole thing makes alot more sense.

if it looks like mass effect, sounds like mass effect, is named like mass effect, person creating isnt saying its just all from their head, then credit has been givin. or it should be counted as givin.

now since the mod is gone and removed we cant look back over stuff to find where posts where made and what exactly was said.

hopefully they had a good reason to stoop low. as said they are great with their community. but if the reason was just you didnt ask thats stuping very low and it would have been great for a strat game adopting mass effect to not be space only. i would love to have seen the walking tanks lol.

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We started porting Mass Effect: Reborn on Homeworld: Remastered. We have to improve and rework the textures we have and some models as well. While our agreement with BioWare is really productive as we managed to receive with permission the models used in the games, their textures are unfortunately limited.

Therefore, we decided to rework the textures and models from BioWare, to make the ships even better. We really want the players to have the best visual experience possible, using the brand new engine of Homeworld: Remastered. We did not uploaded these pictures on Mass Effect: Reborn's page because we will publish new pages dedicated to the Remastered version. We don't want people to be confused between "Classic" and "Remastered".

From 1024x1024 to 4096x4096
Improvement made by Ottemis, one of our designers.

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