Kot-in-Action Creative Artel is a small, independent video game developer dedicated to making fun-to-play video games. It's international team with members scattered across the US and the rest of the world. The company was established in 2008 by Alexander "motorsep" Zubov. Headquarters of the company are located in the state of Texas, USA.

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Programmers located Anywhere.

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Kot-in-Action Creative Artel is looking for contract programmers to enhance existing game code with new gameplay features, and improve UI framework code.

About Kot-in-Action

We are small indie team focusing on development of old-school video games with modern gameplay elements, supporting Windows and Linux platforms and using open-source technology as much as possible.
Our track record consists of 3 complete games released: Steel Storm Episode 1 (free), Steel Storm: Burning Retribution (commercial), Steel Storm for Android.

About the project

Phaeton is a newly developed IP, previously knows by the working title of Steel Storm 2. Phaeton is a first-person shooter with adventure elements and strong story, currently focusing on singleplayer experience. The game's story is set in the alternative sci-fi universe and is conveyed through the art style of anime / manga. Technology that powers Phaeton is idTech 4 GPL at this moment, and is transitioning to Doom 3 BFG GPL engine. Some work in progress tech videos can be watched in our YouTube channel: Youtube.com

About position

This is a position for gameplay/UI programmers, who can take on existing working gameplay/UI framework and modify/enhance it to suit needs of the project. The work will be done remotely using Subversion repository system, IRC, forums, Skype, etc. Potential candidate must be able to work in Windows 7 32/64 and up (MSVC 2010+ Express) and Linux 32/64bit environments. Prior knowledge of idTech 4 is a plus.

About technology

idTech 4 powered such games as Doom 3, Quake 4, Wolfenstein 2009, Brink, ETQW, Prey, Prey 2.
Doom 3 BFG engine is evolution of idTech 4, as it contains renderer from idTech 5 along with a lot of other improvements borrowed from idTech 5 (minus Virtual Texturing).
You can find in depth review of both engines, and particular pieces of technology following these links:


General requirements

  • High working ethic standards is a must (there is always time available every day to work on the project, even if it's just couple of hours a day);
  • Ability to focus and follow directions;
  • Desire to learn new technologies and ability to learn it in a relatively short period of time;
  • Ability to communicate efficiently in English; (you don't have to be a native speaker or hold Master's degree in English)
  • Ability to work online and be a part of multinational team (having stable Internet connection is required);
  • Strong reasoning, analytic and math skills;
  • Ability to evaluate problem and find working solutions;
  • Knowledge of idTech 4 / Doom 3 modding is a plus;
  • Knowledge of basic mapping in Radiant level editor is a plus (building box rooms for testing purposes);

Project's specific requirements

Required skills:

  • Ability to read/understand someone else's code;
  • Ability to compile and debug in Windows/Linux environments (including necessary libs and components).
  • C++;
  • Understanding of gameplay systems;
  • Solid understanding of vector algebra;

Desired skills:

  • DoomScript;
  • ActionScript 2+;
  • Understanding of networking (client/server architecture);


Fixed fee on per-feature basis. Supported methods of payment are PayPal and Skrill.

To Apply

Please send your resume (no matter how short it might be, PDF format) and links to examples of your previous work if applicable (mods you worked on, other projects you participated in, etc.) to jobs@kot-in-action.com

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