PHIGAMES is a game development and publishing company creating games and interactive experiences. While building a vision around every project, we design games for a wide range of platforms and major engines under a flexible approach. Besides our games, we collaborate with Indie game developers, support their designs, and provide tailor-made promotional campaigns for a successful release.

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Somewhere between life and death, there is a world made up of hopeful dreams and broken shadows. Souls may sometimes find themselves lured into this strange...

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May 10 2022

RT @skaramazuzu: Did you know you can play as Zuzu on either keyboard, or controller? How will you enjoy our #indiegame?…

Mar 9 2022

RT @skaramazuzu: How Zuzu started vs how they are today. #Skaramazuzu #IndieDev #ThrowbackThursday

Mar 4 2022

Aesthetics πŸ‘Œ

Mar 1 2022

RT @AbtosCovert: The forest of Mount Abtos is surrounding the outpost. Makes you wonder what could be hiding amongst the trees...πŸŒ²πŸ‘€β€¦

Oct 18 2021

RT @AbtosCovert: Can you survive every night and discover the truth behind the stories, or will you become part of the legend?πŸ’€ Dem…

Oct 11 2021

πŸ₯ ANNOUNCEMENT πŸ₯ @AbtosCovert demo will be available on #SteamNextFest tomorrow! Download the demo and try to sur…

Sep 30 2021

RT @AbtosCovert: Happy #IndieWishlistWednesday, everyone! Abtos Covert is a survival horror game inspired by Greek folklore. You ar…

Sep 29 2021

Something spooky πŸ‘€

Sep 22 2021


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