Fireballed Studio is a team of two independent game developers located in Poland - Marcin Tomala and Anna Siejka.

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Viaerium is a short, soothing story about You, embarking on a journey to achieve your Dream. Sit back and relax on this metaphorical path, full of beauty...

Redum Of Sun

Redum Of Sun

First Person Shooter

A fast paced open world Archery FPS set in a divine realm of the Daughter of Sun - long before the Earth was shaped as we know it...

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#Steam Lunar New Year sale has begun! It is your unique chance to experience Viaerium in person. Peek inside and de…

Feb 15 2018

The first months of Viaerium have been amazing - thank you all who supported us with feedback! We hope that our gam…

Jan 5 2018

We are starting the work on something brand new! :D #gamedev #indiedev

Dec 25 2017

Unity Asset Store has chosen our assets for a HUGE sale! Make your dream combat come true, it won't be on sale fore…

Nov 30 2017

Our artistic #viaerium got into the Indie Gala Bundle! Achievement Unlocked! :D #indiegame #gamedev

Nov 20 2017

Only 10 hours left to win 1 of 100 keys for Viaerium on #Steam! :D #indiegames

Nov 6 2017

Viaerium is finaly live on Steam! You're always welcome! :D #gamedev #indiedev

Oct 24 2017

It's tomorrow! Prepare yourselves for the soothing journey of #viaerium on Steam! :D #indiedev #gamedev

Oct 23 2017

"You are getting closer to the Council, to fulfill your Dream..." #viaerium #indiedev #screenshotsaturday

Oct 15 2017

Your Journey will finaly begin! #viaerium arrived to Steam - Coming soon! :)

Oct 11 2017