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Mira's Brush

Mira's Brush


🖌️🎨What's Mira's Brush Anywho? Mira captures colour and shape! Mira's Brush is a cute, colour-based puzzle platformer brimming with bizarre enemies...

AngelStarStudios Creator
AngelStarStudios - - 81 comments

See Mira's Brush on Steam:

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Latest posts from @mirasbrush, @angelstarstudio

"Stoneward March" is the start of a grand journey toward a grim shadow. #chiptune Beepbox.co

Jul 12 2023 by mirasbrush

"Abnormally Cheery" is a happier tune than most I make and I fully apologize. Let me know if you need an apology v… T.co

Jul 11 2023 by mirasbrush

"Acetic" is aptly named. #chiptune Beepbox.co #MusicMonday

Jul 10 2023 by mirasbrush

A minor-key edit of "Ballad of Horns" from last week. Beepbox.co #chiptune

Jul 7 2023 by mirasbrush

The very particularly titled "Random Things Zone" is here! You're finally free to listen! #chiptune Beepbox.co

Jul 6 2023 by mirasbrush

Too versions of "Knifeman Zero," #chiptunes I originally made for Mira's Brush. Beepbox.co 2: T.co

Jul 5 2023 by mirasbrush

"Endless GirderGuns" is poorly titled, but that's okay, cuz I made it. #chiptune Beepbox.co

Jul 4 2023 by mirasbrush

For #MusicMonday , I call this one "Gentle Curvature" because it feels like being on the back of a horse, or my sto… T.co

Jul 3 2023 by mirasbrush

This version of "Recovery" is a bit more evil, I think it works a bit better, even though the title now doesn't fit… T.co

Jun 30 2023 by mirasbrush

"All is Right" is about as cheerful as I can muster. Now with ponies! #chiptune Beepbox.co

Jun 29 2023 by mirasbrush