The Brotherhood of Mod Studios is a Command & Conquer modding team, focusing primarily on C&C: Yuri's Revenge mod projects. Began in late 2003, BhoM has a small staff of one coder and artist, and two beta testers and concept artists. Our projects include: Yuri's New Terror: Armageddon - An alternate story continuation of Red Alert 2 in which Soviet dominance must be rebuilt following Allied invasion and guerrilla insurgency. Advance Wars 2: Yuri's Revenge Rising - A total conversion to depict the Game Boy Advance game 'Advance Wars' as an RTS. The Cold War - A massive project to relive the historic battles from the 1950s to the 1980s, and play out alternate scenarios of the Cold War gone hot. C&C: Battlezone - Remember the 1980s arcade game BattleZone? This project is a total conversion to re-imagine that classic as an RTS, with expanded features such as infantry and aircraft. A definite innovation of idea.

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