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Due to an unexpected tragety, our scrum master will be stepping down to a consultant. As such Shiko Games and Black Novel Studio is looking for a Scrum Master. Certifications are preferred, but not necessary. Same with experience. We just want to find a scrum master so we can get back into development and get our demo done so we can start for crowdfunding and apply for grants. Our ideal candidate isn't the highest qualified candidate. Just the first who meets our expectations.

About the game:

We're working on creating a 3d paper Mario like RPG. It'll be heavily influenced by the story, and will have a lot of fighting aspects. Currently, we have a grand total of 9 members. Three programs, a writer, level designer a composer and a sound designer along with a few others. We're aiming to complete a demo level with several types of enemies, quests, items, and npc's to post for crowdfunding and grants. Once we get the demo done, all members will receive an equal share of profits except under certain conditions.

Basic Requirements:

An understanding of Scrum, Kanban, or a similar tactic

Knowledge of Agile

the ability to manage and lead multiple people

Preferred Requirements:

Certification in Scrum, Kanban, or similar

Experience leading teams

To Apply

To apply please email me at with anything you see as relevant. I just want to know who you are so that I can introduce you to the team and have a full, team lead, interview.

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