Antiquity Games is the name of the indie project, headed by Azkanan, that develops the games MyWorld and Project Earth. Antiquity Games is in actuality, not much more than a group title for when the team includes more than Azkanan, where on occasion it may include contractors. Previously Known As Shardice Games, name changed on 01 May 2011.

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This vacancy is for a programmer capable of writing a video game, the game described at such;
- 2D (see screenshots in The Ancients project page),
- tile-based world,
- 8-directional pixel-based movement,
- lobby-based multi-player/single-player engine,

The game mechanics itself may at times become quite complex, such as;
- NPC AI (setting dynamic routes by available locations),
- Creating an Economy Model (So that all items stay in-game when sold, till broken or exported),
- Quality-based crafting (Better skills/tools = better quality craft),
- A Dynamic Quest system that creates quests when conditions are met
- A combat mode that comes into effect where and when the player is, placing a grid that the players combat over, through turn-based tactical style.
- A generated world (Every time the player starts a new game, the game world is generated; heightmap, terrain, rivers, villages, NPCs, etc.)
- A minecraft-like system to prevent piracy, via a server-connected login screen to load the game.

And a number of other systems ( ). If you think you are capable of the above, then I would be interested in hearing from you.

I expect the successful candidate to be able to work over the next few months at a steady rate of progression on The Ancients.
I would hope that a successful release of The Ancients would develop relations to future game development in a mutually beneficial partnership and friendship.

- The finished game will be sold either as download or box.
- An alpha release of the game for a lesser cost will be available.
- All profits are split 50/50 between myself and the successful candidate.

Regretfully, I am currently unable to pay a working wage, ergo the even split of profits of the end product.

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