Upscale Pack for Witchaven II (3 in 1) contains 3 files in 1 pack. Please read below for the details.

Witchaven II Upscale Pack

Good work-TNX!

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Amazing, thanks so much for your hard work! Do you know if it is possible to some way fix the skybox in the BuildGDX? The skybox cuts off and then starts again. Or is this a BuildGDX thing?

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Hello. first I must apologize you for very late reply. I did these upscale jobs as hobby and now I took break on it over a year recently due to a health problem, hope you understand.

About the sky cut-off, yes it's BuildGDX thing. Afaik it's M210 (the author of BuildGDX)'s design to leave it that way, meaning the rendering behavior is inheriting the original Build engine's doing. He also increased the angle of how you can look up much higher that with the original rendering it gives you that cut-off. I think it's his intention to leave the job for others to create their own sky box mods. Feel free to ask anything related for more but please apologize me in advance if I reply so lately. Lastly thanks for trying my upscale pack.

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