Author: Greybeard. Size 19 X 19, File Size 10.3mb, Minimum Ram 128Mb, Max Players 8. This map was made as a demo map to demonstrate the new Zhon Shallows tileset by Chinahook. It uses the sandy and jungle coast shallow pieces to create a serene tropical landscape with many shallow water paths through which units may trek. The map looks really good, and makes for a nice peaceful view. There is a quite a bit of metal of metal on the map and a fair number of geo vents as well. Tamec2004, tak2004, and the included zhonmetal.ufo are required for features. The map supports 2-8 players, with positions 1-4 being outer corners, and 5-8 occupying an inner ring. The AI profile is set to hover. Thanks to Chinahook for making such a varied addition to the zhon tileset, and also thanks to Tangaroa who started the whole zhon shallows thing with his map "Gorges".

Wading Pools
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