Map Description: Remake of the Map with the same name that I have made for Unreal Tournament. A Big Arena with black walls with bright colored tiles set in a giant endless circular elevator shaft. Great to play with up to 20 Players Author's Notes: This map is a remake of the DM-OMC-(ITC)Poly_Grounds, map which was made originally for the October mapping Competition in Unreal Playground, 2nd entry map. I used UT3 Map Converter II beta 0.24 to port the map from UT over to UT3 and made a few minor changes to fit better the game graphics and gameplay. Credits: Music from UT2003 Beta version (also found in Unreal Championship) Textures made by me on Photoshop. Thanks for the people who have developed UT3 Converter II.

UT3 DM Poly Grounds
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