MAP NAME: Upheaval Dome AUTHOR: Greybeard MAP SIZE: 45 X 25 AI: Default TILESETS USED: Earth Desert Updated V2.1 Number of Players: 10 Features required: TA Features 2009 or later NOTES: Version 2 removes small amount of damage done by water. This map attempts to replicate the terrain and topography around a geological structure in Utah known as the “Upheaval Dome”. The actual dome is in the approximate center of the map. The map fairly closely follows the actual terrain, although the heavy forests along the rivers are rather unrealistic. Resources are fairly plentiful, if spread out. The lava flows are heavily resource intensive, and will be hotly contested. Ten players supported… odds across the top (1, 3, 5), evens across the bottom ( 2,4,6), positions 7 thru 10 across the middle. Best games against AI will be to take 10 (in the center of the upheaval dome/map) and have the ai take all others. Enjoy. Greybeard

Upheaval Dome
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