Trent Reznor's sound pack and Phrozo's effects combined and converted to work with Doom 3 BFG Hi Def and RBDoom3bfg. Was a existing mod I fixed a bunch of errors and problems. Unzip to your Doom 3 Bfg install directory and run the Trentphrozo mod launch bat file. 1.1 added Sikkmod's blood refections. 1.2 grabber bug fix.

TrentPhrozo 1.2 mod for Doom 3 BFG Hi Def
darkelf1 - - 440 comments


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MISFITSWITCH - - 1 comments

How do you install? I put in folder run .bat file and it launched the game.

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y2keeth Author
y2keeth - - 1,300 comments

it is suppose to launch the game, the weapon fires should all have different effects and some sounds are different like zombies.

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SteamFox - - 86 comments

Love that blood update, dude. So much more depth!

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Feadan - - 5 comments

I ran into a small issue playing Hi Def 2.7c with this add-on. The flame wall of the Arch Vile monster is just a row of black boxes. Removing "Trentphrozo\def\monster_demon_archvile.def" seems to fix this.

Otherwise a very nice add-on.

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urbium - - 15 comments

Encountered this as well. Thanks for the tip to fix it!

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themanuel - - 8 comments


Chrome is blocking this download. I could use another browser to try and download it but does anybody know if there is a malware issue with this file?


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y2keeth Author
y2keeth - - 1,300 comments


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DarkDemonXR69 - - 28 comments

Any possibility to install this addon without the 13gb mod¿? My performance with the mod is really bad and I only want the new sounds

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kevinn191990 - - 18 comments

Why is this mod not replacing all of the sounds from Doom 3 weapons with the sounds included in the Trent Reznor sound pack? for example if you compare this video below to the one above, the pistol (which is not shot in the video for this mod) and the assault rifle still use the vanilla sounds when using this mod instead of Trent Reznor's sounds. Kind of disappointing.

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