Play as one the 8 factions in Middle Earth in this scenario which aimed to combine the War of the Ring and the quest of the Ringbearer. Destroy your opponents by conquering their lands or find the One Ring (Ring of Life) and bring it to Mount Doom to win! Will you play as the decadent kingdom of Gondor and try to save the west from imminent doom, or will you command the hordes of Mordor and destroy it? Will you fight against evil with the Elves one last time or will you pillage the lands as Isengard? Or will you try to undertake the perilous journey to Mount Doom as Frodo, and throw the One Ring into the chasms of whence it came?

The Lord of the Rings scenario
Johrnarlor Author

There MIGHT be an update in the future. Perhaps some small changes to the map, but it will probably be a total overhaul of Moria because right now it's not really that perfect.

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Johrnarlor Author

If you have ANY problem playing or downloading the map, report it here.

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fydo1 update ! Bigger changes ? Gonna try this map again soon.

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